Our solution that connects organizations to do business

BPConnect connects businesses to one another. When you are part of a business network that has a presence in several countries with local members, it is almost impossible to get to know all the organisations and the individual members within that businessnetwork and lack of time probably prevents you from attending to network meetings.  In the meantime you are always looking for valuable contacts within that same business network to do business with. With BPConnect these exhaustive searches are no longer necessery. Within BPConnect, you create your own business profile and your fields of interests. Based on automated matches organizations are linked to eachother. You only get to see the organisations that have the same interest as you. Easy as that. People get in touch with the companies of interest instead of going on a wild goose chase. Business connectivity has never been easier!

BPConnect is a product from BPdelivery.

BPdelivery B.V. is a small organization situated in The Netherlands. With 6 people working for us across the European continent we want to create market disruption on new ways of doing business, the digital transformation within organizations and intensify our knowledge as Cloud Service Broker.

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BPdelivery is “Erkend leerbedrijf” in The Netherlands