BPConnect: A safe alternative for social business networks

The last six months Facebook has been haunted by data privacy issues, in the pursuit of their business model.

The recent data sharing deals with Cambridge Analytica has shown Facebook has ran into serious trouble with data privacy. This has led to the result that people distrust organizations to hold their personal data in a safe manner.

Apart from that, businesses use Facebook Groups and Messenger more and more as communication channels towards their targeted audience.

This is still a one-way street. People may react, but you can never tell from a selling point if this might actually lead to business. You might even start to wonder if Facebook, a friend-to-friend network, would be the best way to identify business opportunities.

The Cambridge Analytica matter, the data sharing deals with phone makers, the Chinese telco security threat and recently the status update privacy bug has shown Facebook has issues with data privacy.

For normal Facebook users this is already a nightmare, but it is even worse for businesses operating on Facebook.

Was their data also used by these third parties? What data has been affected and how does this relate to personal data that is stored within the platform. It may have even further consequences towards other social media you are using.

Considering the just enforced GDPR, is the data of a EU-based business still secure on Facebook, or is it also stored outside the EU? Then there is the matter of the recently signed , which is also not good news for American providers with business in Europe.

The alternative: BPConnect

BPConnect, a software solution from BPDelivery, where companies, that belong to the same industry or branche network, can be linked to each other automatically without time consuming network activities where ever they take place. With BPConnect you are able to easily identify companies that share the same interest that you do.

BPConnect facilitates that your company can make contact with other companies based on smart matches .

With this solution you ensure that, if any company requests to connect with you, BPConnect already did the intelligence for you, so you can connect with meaningful contacts.

Is LinkedIn not the same?

On LinkedIn there is still a 1-on-1 match with persons. With BPConnect only businesses are linked to each other.

Sure, there is a possibility to create business groups within LinkedIn but still anyone can join such a group and it needs maintaining by a couple of persons as administrator. So LinkedIn is a platform that highly depends on the engagement of individuals.

With LinkedIn you create a public profile that can be seen by others who can target you directly.

How many requests from sales persons you never met did you already get?

With BPConnect only companies are linked to each other.

The persons within that company will be kept shielded until you connect with them in BPConnect.

Only after a mutual connection has been established personal contact data will be revealed to the person within the connected company and you can communicate directly with each other and business can take place.

BPConnect is all about business to business communication.

Figure 1 : Value curve BPConnect


Figure 1 shows the value curve of BPConnect in comparison to other business social networks.

BPConnect and data storage

BPConnect, contrary to US based social platform companies, only stores the user’s data on EU servers.

Who says data from EU users is not stored in the US datacenters? You can’t really depend on that because even Facebook, LinkedIn nor Google can provide you with that answer.

BPConnect and data sharing

We find that your Personal privacy is of the very highest concern and should fall under European legislation.

Within BPConnect your personal data is shielded until a mutual connection is made on your behalf.

Does the contact not evolve into a desirable direction?

You are able to disconnect at any time you want.

Next to that, when a person wants to connect to you, he or she can do it only one time!

For an invitee there is no limit in time accepting the connection.


  • For businesses BPConnect is a safe alternative to other business networks and provides a superior way of doing business when it comes to a comparison with business networks like LinkedIn or Google+.
  • It is a gateway for business connections within your business network.
  • It ensures business to business communication.
  • Data is stored only on EU servers.
  • Data privacy is ensured through data shielding from non-business contacts, enabling meaningful business communication.

BPConnect, a safe B2B gateway!