You can now do even more with BPConnect

In October’s newsletter we mentioned The Dutch Chamber of Commerce (CoC) has chosen BPdelivery as software partner to further develop BPConnect under the brand name “International Business Platform” and to make it suitable for the CoC network of entrepreneurs looking for international business partners and pursuing knowledge sharing.

Added values

During this implementation new ideas came up to extend the functionality of BPConnect and increase its usability.

Cross-Reference check

BPConnect is now able to verify with external control systems if the subscriber is really a member of the business network he wants to subscribe to. Previously  the land manager had to verify this, but now BPConnect can do this automatically. This lowers the workload of the landmanager making his work more efficient.

GDPR-compliant reporting

Another added value is the addition of features enabling the creation of reports about the system and business network effectivity.

This gives you more insight about the software and the business network it is used for.

Naturally these reports are compliant with the GDPR.

Personal identifiable data will always be safe with BPConnect.

With BPConnect you are in control of your own data.