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When it comes to security with regard to our products and services, we comply with the ISO 27001 standard where possible and conform us to European legislation and guidelines on the processing of personal data. Our services are only installed on servers in European Datacenters only at European companies. Our operational services are only available through sites that have the highest security levels. Every day a backup is made of the data and our SLA mentions an exit strategy and our business continuity policy. For organizations on behalf of which we process personal data, we have concluded processing agreements in accordance with the guidelines of the AVG / GDPR.


For our newsletters only your name and emailadress will be storedIf you do not wish to receive our newslettersyou can unsubscribe from them whenever you receive a newsletter from usWe do NOT sell any personal data to other parties nor supply insight to other organisations of personal (customerdata. We only record your name and Emailadress to send you our newsletters.

Website and cookies

Our website uses cookies to store your IP address. We do not use your data to send you specific information. Visitor data is exclusively used by us to monitor visitor frequencies and analyze them in order to optimize our website content. If you use our contact form this is only used to send an Email to us in a simple way.

Your data is safe and secure with our services